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Braided together

Mr D is on his way home as we speak. It’s a long train ride and I’m going to pick him up from the train station tonight. By car! Yay! (Still can’t completely believe I am finally allowed to drive. After 30 years of sitting in the passengers chair.) šŸ™‚ Anyways, he’s coming home tonight. … Continue reading

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Restyling two shelves in my bookcase for today’s photo, got me in the mood for some organization and planning. I decided to do the whole back of the bookcase with blue gingham paper and after that organize my books by color. It’s a rainbow bookcase. I love it that it now isn’t ‘just’ books, but … Continue reading


Queensday thrifting

The 30th of April is a national holiday in the Netherlands, the birthday celebration of our queen. We celebrate it mostly by organizing giant (flea)markets where every individual can sell about anything they like. Like antiques, (vintage) clothing, bikes, cupcakes, drinks, game contests and. so. on. Yesterday I went with Maaike (Miky) and bought stuff … Continue reading