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…pie …is spelled ‘appel’ in Dutch …tree …is very different with ‘pine’ in front of it …sauce …s …gives me an itchy throat when not cooked …juice …of my eye …on my desk this is what i found when i got home from work on Saturday. mr D told me to close my eyes, led … Continue reading

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Restyling two shelves in my bookcase for today’s photo, got me in the mood for some organization and planning. I decided to do the whole back of the bookcase with blue gingham paper and after that organize my books by color. It’s a rainbow bookcase. I love it that it now isn’t ‘just’ books, but … Continue reading

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Dainty Kitchen

What’s better than a good (home cooked) meal enjoyed with your loved ones or just to spoil yourself and you alone? In ‘Dainty Kitchen’ I’d like to share some of the good that comes from my cute little kitchen, my friends kitchens or an occasional restaurant kitchen. ******************************************************************************* We had a wonderful Italian themed sisterhood-dinner on Friday. Everyone … Continue reading