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Time of my life ~ 2010 recap

The year 2010 is over. Gone, it will never come back. What a year this was… so much has happened! ********************************************************************************** January Tigrou got sick. It was scary for a while, but after a pile of expensive medicine and diet food, He got all better. ********************************************************************************* February I went to Berlin with Petra and had … Continue reading

Art / Dreams

About stool…

My August pair of socks isn’t finished by far! The first one is almost done. Actually, the second used to be the first one and is nearly finished too, but when I got to the toe, it turned out that I had too little yarn… So I put it aside and knit the other one … Continue reading

Dreams / Everyday life


Stuff is being packed in boxes and Saturday they’ll be moved to a storageroom at my brothers office. Me, myself and I will move to a friends apartment. I’ll bring some boxes and a suitcase to feel at home at her place. Really glad that I can stay there. At the same time it’s a … Continue reading

Dreams / Faith

Toes in the water

I’m having cold feet. In the middle of friggin summer. And summer it is, friends. These cold feet of mine don’t have anything to do with the current temperature. I wish, couse than I could just wear some warm socks and be done with ’em… Summer just began, but fall is closing in faster than … Continue reading