Hi my name is Jo
I live in the Netherlands with my fiance David and our cat Tigrou.
I love sunshine, drawing, walking, biking, films, drinking coffee with friends or alone, fixing dinner, sailing,  decorating, sewing, knitting, planning my wedding, pinterest, reading blogs, experimenting with my hair and make up,  photography, instagram, being at home, Italy, Berlin, London, Boulder Colorado, people, nailpolish, color, scent, taste, sound, fashion, trees, crafts, books, Christmas, magazines, cards, diy, clean sheets, fabric, psychology, and what not?

I’m dreaming and hoping and praying and working to one day combine all the things I love into one independent business package. It takes some courage and I feel that’s exactly the thing I sometimes lack. But I want to persist in doing it.
Not be held back by fears, not wait for the right wind to sail, but get into open water and set the sails right for the wind I get.

I really enjoy blogging and I hope you’ll enjoy my stories, pictures and other stuff.
I’d love to read your comments!




One thought on “About

  1. Hello there,

    Do you mind if I use a pic from one of your blogs of a Parisienne waiter?

    If it a problem, then I will take it down. I have credited you for the useage,

    Thanks and go well,


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