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What’s in my christmas tree

It’s been ages since my last post. I’ve been really busy with one of the goals on my 30 things before 31 list. I will soon tell you more about this. For now, i wanted to share my latest obsession with you:

my christmas tree.

Growing up, we always had a christmas tree. I remember buying trees with my dad and decorating it with my mom. I could hang my favourite ornaments on the branches. There were trumpets and angels and glitter and colours. I loved it. When i moved out of my parents house and into several student homes and apartments, i never got one anymore. This year however, celebrating christmas with my mr D, we thought it was time for new family traditions. So we got our first tree! And a beautiful tree it is! I really enjoyed picking out a tree, new favourite ornaments, decorating and making new memories. Here’s my tree.

I love it so much and i want to stay home all day to look at it. My new favourite ornaments are a fawn, mushroom, strawberry and a turquoise fish. And i love our colour theme (blue, turquoise, hot pink and a little touch of red and yellow). One of my blog pals told me this tree is typically Dutch. It’s a real tree and it’s not trimmed to perfection. It’s just the tree. It grew like this and like this, it is now in my living room. I want to keep it forever, but Mr D doesn’t agree on keeping it throughout the year.

What’s your favourite christmas decoration? I hope you’ll have a great christmas!

XO Jeau


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