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Rosie Gamgee-Cotton

Rosie Cotton becomes Samwise Gamgee’s little hobbit wife at the end of The Lord Of The Rings. She’s an adorable little hobbit and for some weird reason i thought of her when knitting this pattern.

Design by Veera Välimäki

It took me over a year to finish it. I’ve put it aside lots of times to knit something else or sew or cook or blog or draw or, o yeah, work. Anyways, it’s finally finished! And here’s the result of my knitting. Check out my project here.




(check out that blurry iPhone picture with my messy craftroom in the background. *blush*)

About the pattern, it’s a real easy one, very suitable for beginners, but also a nice one to relax with for die hards. Techniques used are: knit, purl, knitting in the round, increasing, picking up stitches. That’s about it.

Now on to my next project, a man-cardigan:

Design by Josh Bennett

Happy knitting!
xo Jeau


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