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happy anniversary

one year ago my best friend took me out to dinner and drinks. later that night we first kissed. it was September 18, 2010.

Sunday was September 18, 2011. we had a little afternoon tea date at our favorite place nearby.

Scones, clotted cream and jam. Nom nom.

Anniversary date

this is what i wore

Picking flowers

Boots for fall

later i cooked us dinner.


roasted chicken with a sauce from plums, star anise, cinnamon and other spices, served with rice.

Dinner closeup

it was delicious. one of many success recipes i’ve discovered lately. this one was one of Jamie’s and was supposed to be cooked with duck, but it turns out that ducks are hard to get here. i maybe could get me one from just outside my house, by the river, but i guess i’m a sissy-cook… i don’t want to kill my own food.

we had a great day, we enjoyed each others company so much. here’s to more anniversaries like this one!

speaking of anniversaries, this December, my parents will celebrate their 50th marriage anniversary! that’s a really long time! they were married for almost 20 years, when a little baby girl arrived as a big and happy surprise. her brothers were both teenagers then. anyways, 50 years is a long time. i hope Mr D and i will live to celebrate our 50th anniversary too.

what’s your happiest anniversary memory? or are you looking forward to one in the future?

until next time!

love, Jeau


5 thoughts on “happy anniversary

  1. Aw, you two are LOVE-BIRDS! And what’s this I hear about 50 years together hopefully? Sounds like wedding bells ringing in the future…..! 🙂 Happy anniversary to you and to your parents! Mine just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. So cool!

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