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A bit of awesomeness in the dainty kitchen

This weekend I’ve cooked and cooked and cooked. It was great and the food tasted really nice! Got inspired by watching too many episodes of Masterchef. Love that show.

Made pizza’s on Saturday, using Jamie Olivers Italy. Great pizza’s! Who needs frozen ones if you can make delicious pizza’s yourself?!


The picture is taken before baking. Obviously. We were so eager to eat the pizza’s, that I totally forgot to take after-shots.

Sunday was Massaman Curry day. I used a recipe from my favorite cookbook, Gizzy’s Kithenmagic. Gizzi Erskine is awesome.


Look at these yummy cookies with salted rosemary caramel and chocolate, a friend of mine made for me, using one of Gizzy’s recipes.


Last but not least, I baked banana bread with caramelized brown sugar on top.


Now: food coma.

Need to workout to compensate a little. Fun note on that subject: the Mr and I will go ballroom dancing next week! First time ever for the both of us. I am really looking forward to that.
An another fun note on sports: I got my first pair of speed skates! Used to have figure skates as a child, but since a couple of years, speed skating attracts me more. One month before the tracks open in the NL. Can’t wait!


Three things I’m curious about:

1. What’s your favorite dish to cook or eat?
2. Do you do any sports? What kind?
3. What are you looking forward to this coming season?

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “A bit of awesomeness in the dainty kitchen

  1. 1. I love making Pizza with the husband!
    2. Running, running, running.
    3. I’m looking forward to wearing wool socks and reading this fall. I’m completely obsessed with the “Song of Ice and Fire” books.

  2. Yum!! Could you share the recipe for the banana bread? It looks sooo good! (and what about pizza dough?) I’m inspired. šŸ™‚

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