30 day photo challenge ~ day 19: where I slept

Good morning Europeans! Goodnight Americans, sweet dreams… ❤


This is the view from my bed, where I’m still in actually. Having some trouble getting up. My bed is just a little too comfortable. Soft mattress, comfy pillows, warm blanket and fresh air coming trough the open window.

Just before I woke up I dreamt about being at a fair. There were crafty people, but also chefs with the tastiest foods. I was there with my mom and we had risotto. It was good. Then we looked at a lady’s booth with all sorts of buttons. Button heaven it was.
It was a good and peaceful dream.

Now I’m gonna get up, make some coffee and breakfast and watch last nights episode of Masterchef. They might make risotto. O risotto… Nom nom.

Have a good day!

❤ ❤ Jeau ❤ ❤


6 thoughts on “30 day photo challenge ~ day 19: where I slept

  1. Wow! Pretty patterned curtains! Does it make the room glow kinda ..purplish?:D I have red curtains that cast red shadows if the sun is right, it is so cozy!:)

    Thanks! haha, yep! Shelves are the things to have!;) They’re both from IKEA 🙂
    Thanks again! It’s all coloured up and done now!:D

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