30 day photo challenge ~ day 7: something new

This is my new type case. The things in it are new too. To me that is. It’s an original type case, so obviously it’s way old. I got it at a flea market in the Netherlands. I am now trying to collect many cute tiny things to display in it. Last week mr. D put it on the wall for me, after I spray painted it turquoise. I used only one layer of paint, which gives it a worn out look. I love it, it’s my new favorite object in the apartment.

30 days photo challenge ~ day 7: something new

I hope you had a good weekend. Have a great new week. I am looking forward to take more pictures. Next weekend I hope to take some in Berlin! Yay!



6 thoughts on “30 day photo challenge ~ day 7: something new

  1. This looks wonderful ! It has this feel of antiquity.. By type case do you mean these were cases used to store type in a printing press? (Or am I just getting ahead of myself ^^ )
    But, really, this looks absolutely lovely… I’m loving the turquoise colour and the peculiar way you’ve placed the toy car in .. ❤

    • :O that’s amazing !! We’re studying the history of books and printing right now… and this is simply awesome to be able to see this… May I ask if you know the dimensions of this type case and perhaps something of its history? Like which period it belongs to? (I’m a nut when it comes to these things… sorry ^_^”

      • I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t tell you, b/c I have no idea. I just got it at an antique booth at a fleamarket. I do know that the previous owners were designers/printers and they still used it. Too bad they didn’t sell the letters, I’d love to have those too!

  2. Oh.. that’s okay… I’m just an incorrigible nut when it comes to such things … heh.. best not to humour it ;D And yes, the letters would have been an amazing sight to behold… I do not think, from the way it has been laid out, that this type case belongs to the 1500-1800 hand press era (of course, it also looks so much more recent) … the type then would have been of sturdy metal… and they would be reversed (like a mirror image of the letter they should imprint)… it’s remarkable how each of these were made.

    (I’m rambling again, aren’t I… 😛 I’ll go now … ^^ )

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