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Lucretia’s Letters ~ 10 favorites

It’s been a while since I told something about Lucretia’s Letters, my 365 days of illustrations project. I won’t throw every drawing I made thus far at you. They’re not all good anyway. There are days that I just don’t feel like making the effort to really sit down and draw a picture. Other days I don’t have enough time. But sometimes I like to really concentrate and draw something nice. At least, I hope so. Lets just take a look at my favorite Lucretia’s so far!

foto's 1918
This is my personal favorite so far. Why? It is THE tower that can be seen from all over Berlin. It reminds me of fun times in my favorite city in the world. O how I wish that life will one day lead us to live there (both).

This one is so romantic. I can see something like this as an invitation to a wedding.

I love this one for the emotion in Lucretia’s face. I can almost cry with her.

5-5 is National Liberation Day in the Netherlands. We celebrate that the allied armies won the war! The day before this day we think about those who were lost in WW II. This drawing makes me realize how lucky we are to be free to live our lives as we want to. That we are not pursuit for what we believe in or for what race we are from.

Forrest creatures. Need I say more?

Some random vintage living room. It is supposed to be some cafe in Berlin. I first planned to color the picture, but then I thought that the shapes might speak for itself and that you can almost ‘see’ the colors, even though they’re not there.

foto's 1895
I’d love to float above the land like that.

More romance…

This is just weird and funny. I really enjoyed drawing this one.

foto's 1902
This one is so colorful. It reminds me of rides in old dusty metro’s.

You could check out Lucretia’s blog for more pictures and stories.
There’s also an English version, although we are a little behind on translating the letters.
You could also check out Lucretia’s Flickr page.
Or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


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