30 day photo challenge ~ day 6: childhood memory

What I remember most about my childhood is: vacation! We used to have a Volkswagen camper and park in some forrest to camp out. That was great.
We also had a sailboat. It’s actually the same boat that David and I have now. It’s been in my family since I was about 4 or 5.
My mom used to set up a little swimming pool in the garden when it was hot out, and I enjoyed that so much!


My family knows how to have fun! That was awesome. As a kid I had a couple of friends who didn’t have as much fun with their family as I did. They didn’t spend time together much at all. Sometimes one of my friends was allowed to come with us on some day trip or vacation. That was fun for them as well as for me.
Back then I didn’t realize how fortunate I was with great times like I had in my childhood.

What’s your best childhood memory?


One thought on “30 day photo challenge ~ day 6: childhood memory

  1. Best memories: the tree house me and my best friend had, ice skating with my brothers and friends, staying with my grandma and paint the fence of the garden, riding my bike to school every day (2 x 15km) although when it was raining, of course it was less fun, playing with my miniature electric trains. Those days….

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