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Just my style Wednesday ~ pinteraction

Just my style

Did I tell you about Pinterest? I didn’t, did I? (you can follow me here)
It is this amazing site which allows you to make several pin boards for inspiration and interesting stuff about… everything. A few of my boards for example are fashion style, hairstyle, illustration, home, typography, diy, favorite places Pinterest helps me to identify my style, my taste, gives me inspiration for creative projects, ideas for *special days in the future* and it is just overall fun.
Sometimes it reminds me of stuff I like, but almost forgot that I did. Like nail-polish. I’ve had moments in my life that nail-polish really appealed to me. I would try to grow my nails and spend time grooming and making them look pretty with shiny colors. That was hard though, as the polish would often cover my skin and cuticles too. And when it was finally perfect it got damaged, because I suddenly had to pee real bad and unbuttoning and such peeled of my still soft layer of pretty. My conclusion about nail-polish: not for me, too girly, I’m such a klutz. And boy, are long nails annoying!
So I decided to keep my nails short and not pay any further attention to them. I liked it.

But then there was Pinterest. And I found this:

Pretty! Envy! Envy! Want it too!!

So I did this (practiced a little and found some nailpolishing tips online):

Stripes and dots

And this:


My cuticles are in need of a little tlc, but they’ve improved already! I still keep my nails short by the way. Don’t necessarily like Bellatrix Lestrange-claws.

Just another cute thing I found on pinterest. Just so you won’t have the wacky lady lingering on your mind too long (though she’s one great HP character I think):

“Can I pppplease haz painted nails too?”



One thought on “Just my style Wednesday ~ pinteraction

  1. oh man, i loved this post! fun! and i checked out your pinterest pages. that wedding dress is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! and would be (SO ENTIRELY incredibly) perfect for you!!!!! I can so see it! *sigh* 🙂

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