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My mom the seamstress

My mom is such a talented woman! I’ve known this forever, but yet it surprises me every time. She can make almost anything. She sews, knits and cooks, but is also very good at less obvious lady-like things. She drills, paints, puts up wallpaper, build a shed in the garden, constructed and sewed a spray-hood for the sailboat and so much more. And it’s not like she ‘just’ makes stuff that is cute and pretty and looks handmade, no she is a professional by birth I guess. Sometimes she needs one try out version of something, but often she succeeds right away. And it is perfect! A real professional couldn’t do it any better. They’d all be without jobs if my mom would run a business.
We sometimes say ‘Tunderman, het bedrijf dat alles kan’. In English it would be something like ‘Tunderman, the company that can’ (Tunderman being our family-name). And now she made me something awesome again. Truly beautiful and a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Here it is:


It’s a beautiful new cover for my klippan. It’s grey and it looks really stylish and grown up. She made the pillows cases too. O my mom would be so successful as in Indie business person. I know for sure! Let’s hope her ability to craft up about everything you can think of runs in the family.

Thanks mom!


5 thoughts on “My mom the seamstress

  1. Wow, I am so impressed! I also like that the pillows match your curtains (and my bag, haha). ‘Tunderman, het bedrijf dat alles kan’ …that is so great!

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