What's in my bag

my gray leather bag

I’ve seen ‘what’s in my bag’ posts on several blogs. I like them a lot, but never got to posting one myself. I like it that the contents a bag, that are usually so anonymous and messy, get spread out neatly and are shown to eyes that normally wouldn’t peek inside the bag.
This morning I was reading this post and it inspired me to write one myself. So here it is.

This is my bag:

My bag

And here’s what’s in it:

What's in my bag

the bag itself. grey leather bag from Manfield shoes           
2.   Koh-i-Noor pencil from Berlin
3.   black fineliner pen from Hema
4.   eraser from Hema
5.   leftover coins from vacation in the U.S.
6.   gum
7.   sunglasses from Kauf Dich Glücklich in Berlin
8.   passport in cover
9.   wallet from Kopi Traveler’s Cafe in Chicago
10. brush from Body Shop
11. calender with diy’s
12. iPhone in crocheted cover
13. nail polish
14. tissues
15. shrug (t-shirt cropped and cut in front)
16. white scarf

What’s in yours?
Have a great day.



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