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time of my life ~ special United States edition


My friends Lisa & Brent got engaged in December last year. This was so great, b/c they are:
1. adorable
2. a perfect match
3. really good at long distance relationships (Berlin-Omaha)
4. even better at having a short distance relationship

The big day was going to be 4th June and would be celebrated in Omaha Nebraska. Far far away, but I knew right away that I HAD to go!
So my love and I and a couple of good friends of ours decided we would fly to the other side of the ocean to visit our friends wedding. Plans for an American vacation were made and we went.

Getting there was quite an adventure. We flew to Chicago but couldn’t land, due to thunderstorms. We then flew to Indianapolis to refuel and wait for the thunderstorm to be over. Way to late we arrived at Chicago O’Hare where we missed our connected flight to Denver Airport. The only thing they could offer us was a flight to Denver the next day, if we first flew to LA that night and transfer there… So we spend the night at LAX and flew to Denver the next morning.

In the end our journey from the Netherlands to Denver took us about 40 hours. We were so tired and I got really cranky… But as soon as we arrived at the hotel it got better. 🙂
The next day we drove towards Boulder and made way to the Rockies. We were amazed by the stunning view. It was incredible.

We went for the little town of Nederland Colorado. We as Dutchies from Nederland Europe obviously had to check it out. A map of the Netherlands with pins from previous visitors showed us we were not the first Nederlanders there.

We camped in Colorado for three nights. Visited Boulder, Red Rocks, Morrison, Evergreen and had a great time. What a beautiful area.

Dushanbe Teahouse Boulder

Evergreen Colorado

Mr D

Red Rocks Morrison

Denver Colorado

After four days of Colorado it was time to get to Omaha for the wedding. In the previous days we’d noticed that everybody who we told we were heading for Omaha responded like:
‘Omaha Nebraska? Why?’
‘For a wedding.’
‘O, yeah, I see.’
So we got the feeling that Omaha Nebraska isn’t all that of a big deal. However being there surprised us. It’s a nice place y’all! Especially Old Market is very nice for indie, vintage and handmade loving folk! So go to Omaha, it’s nice!

And then it was the wedding day. What a cute couple and what a great party! The food was wonderful and we had a great time as ‘Team Holland’ at the wedding.



The day after the wedding we headed in the direction of Chicago. We drove through Des Moines, Iowa City and Davenport, slept in hotels for two nights and then arrived in Chicago.

chicago street

cloud gate

lovers in the cloud

foggy Chicago

From Chicago we had to get back to the NL. Too bad, we would’ve liked to stay a lot longer and travel around. There’s so much to see!
What I loved most about the parts of America I saw (small part, I know…), was the wideness of it all. As a Dutch lady I’m used to everything being small and super crowded. That’s so different in the States. The downside of that is that you pretty much NEED a car for getting anywhere. I like walking or biking around. I liked Boulder a lot, b/c there’s a great area for pedestrians and there’s a lot of hippies on bikes. 🙂
I loved the people, they’re so friendly, and service in a lot of places is really good. Lots of Dutch people working in restaurants or shops can learn from that: you can earn your tip! People like to spend money on something that is nice, but don’t like to pay for crappy service!
I think the people in general are nice. Just chatting about something with a stranger on the street, generosity, just overall friendliness. I feel very comfortable with that.
And I loved Colorado… mountains! I wish we’d have those… so beautiful.

What I absolutely loved most about my whole vacation (and this I would have loved – and will love – everywhere in the whole wide world) was spending time with my mr D. Yes.

cute boyfriend

To my American readers: thanks for having us. We loved it! Hope to be back sometime and maybe meet some of you!
Other readers: Go to Omaha! It’s nice!

Until next time.
XO Jeau

PS. Something else I loved: burgers… yes i love them. I’d like one now actually. Although I’m happy that we don’t have them as much here. I really like cooking my own healthy meals. But man, you could wake me up at night for a burger. Really. Anybody know a good burger place in the NL? If you’re wondering: yes that rules out the King and the Big M.


4 thoughts on “time of my life ~ special United States edition

  1. Loved reading this post, Jo! And so glad that you enjoyed the U.S. Now I want to visit Omaha! Thanks for letting me travel vicariously with you. 🙂

  2. This post made me ridiculously happy! You guys take really great pictures, too! {Have you thought about becoming a scrapbooker? :)}

    And yes, Omaha rocks! Mostly.

  3. Awesome post, Jo. This was totally engaging, and also my lunch break for today! Will definitely update my Google Reader to include your RSS from now on. Rad!

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