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Dainty Kitchen

dainty kitchen

What’s better than a good (home cooked) meal enjoyed with your loved ones or just to spoil yourself and you alone? In ‘Dainty Kitchen’ I’d like to share some of the good that comes from my cute little kitchen, my friends kitchens or an occasional restaurant kitchen.


We had a wonderful Italian themed sisterhood-dinner on Friday. Everyone in our group of five is responsible for one course (main course is done by two) or for being the host (and serving wine).
This time we had zucchini rolls for a starter. They were pretty awesome, looked wonderful and tasted even better.

Zucchini rolls

The main course was a ‘Rotollo di Zucca e Ricotta’, which is seasoned squash, spinach and ricotta in a roll of pasta, cooked while wrapped in a tea towel. I forgot to take pictures of this course and the side salad that went with it. Meh. 😦 (Tried to serve left-over rotollo on Sunday, but the tea towel I wrapped it in turned out to be non-colorfast… result: blue rotollo.)
Fortunately I did take a picture of our a.w.e.s.o.m.e dessert… strawberries and raspberries (my favorite) with delicious creamy stuff. Don’t remember what it’s called, but I call it raspberry goodness.

Raspberry goodness


On Saturday I went out to have dinner with another good friend of mine. Check out the sweets we had for dessert!

brown and white chocolate dessert


Sunday was celebrated with homemade coconut macaroons and cinnamon lattes.

Coconut macaroons II

Homemade cinnamon latte


On Monday I decided to have a salad from left over ingredients: tomatoes, basil, anchovy, capers, oil, vinegar and Italian seasoning. Yummy!

Italian salad


I hope you enjoyed my dainty kitchen. What’s your favorite dish to cook and/or eat?



2 thoughts on “Dainty Kitchen

  1. Wow! I like it a lot! What’s your group called? Our wine-group is sometimes called the “AA” or “El vino rosso” 😉

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