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Time of my life ~ sisters, mister, boats and bibles

Weekly highlight

I’m back with a ‘time of my life’ post. Pretty soon I’ll have a special about our vacation to the States, but first I’ll give you a view into the past week.


The ‘Sisterhood’ celebrated Maaike’s birthday on 1st July. One sister took Maaike to have breakfast at her favorite restaurant, Villa August, while another sister and I snuck into her house and decorated with garlands and balloons. In the evening we had a lovely dinner and gave her presents. Happy birthday Maaike, may all your dreams and hopes for this year come true!


My mr. D came to the Netherlands. Just spending time with him is great already, but we made it even more special by driving to the harbour and spend time on our little boat. Some maintenance and cleaning, which resulted in our boat now being pretty much ready for a sail. Can’t wait for September, when we plan to go.

Another neat thing is that I think we found a church we want to go to in my town! David is probably going to move here in September, when he’s finished his work in Berlin, and we want to regularly go to a church we both feel comfortable in. Well, I guess we found it. It’s been a pretty long search for me, years actually. I’m still a little careful to not become over-enthusiastic, but I’m hopeful that this might be it.

All things come to an end and so my mr. D went back to Berlin. Fortunately the end of his term is coming to an end too (yay)! Only two more visits to Berlin, one to the Netherlands and it’ll be over. Counting the days -49 left from 180- and I’m becoming very impatient!

counting days

I’ll miss going to Berlin twice a month though. I will miss the city, but more I will miss my Berlin friends…


The last week four sisters went on summer camp with work. The fifth sister wasn’t coming with us and we missed her a lot.
Camp was great though. We had a good time spending time together with our team and the teenagers. We climbed (thought we found an Eve in one of the sisters for Adam-the-hot-outdoors-climbing-dude, but discovered he already had one and also had a little Kain and Abel too.. bad!), rafted a diy raft, rode karts, sun bathed on the beach, sang campfire songs, had good food, and studied the Bible. The kids had a lot of fun and were happy *almost* all the time. The weather was nice and the location was awesome.


It’s weekend now and I’ve got a few days of fun and rest ahaid. Another sister-dinner, dinner with a friend, church and hopefully some drawing, knitting or sewing. What are your plans for the weekend? Have a good one!


PS. Today is your last chance to enter the giveaway on Lucretia’s Letters!


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