Everyday life

30 things before 31


Here’s my 30 things before 31 list. I actually had it for a while now (since March 11), but I wanted to make a cute and inspiring poster before I posted it on my blog. But here it is!

1. Get drivers license (some people are late… like me, but I only need a few more lessons!)
2. Go sailing
3. Sew clothes (1 dress so far)
4. Knit Dave a sweater (started)
5. Go to USA (will fly on May 29th)
6. Do 365 creative things project (Lucretia’s Letters)
7. Go to Berlin (1: march, 2: easter, 3: may, more to come)
8. Illustrate (doing it!)
9. Build website
10. Save money
11. Organize American Thanksgiving dinner
12. Sell or donate old stuff
13. Read spiritual/faith related book
14. Finish Indie Biz 3.0 course
15. Home EC projects
16. Discover new success recipe
17. Do mural painting
18. Take analog photo’s
19. Do collages
20. Make prints and/or paintings
21. Make a future choice
22. Start dinner/read/craft group (will get together soon)
23. Finish apartment details
24. Go to the opera
25. Visit museum
26. Bake something once a month
27. Buy handmade
28. Grow hair long (growing)
29. Sell something(s) I made
30. Invest in love & friendships (always)


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