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Time of my life: Berlin Ostern

Weekly highlight

My love and i celebrated Easter (Ostern) in Berlin.

I took the train to Berlin on Thursday morning. During my transfer i had a rendez-vous with my friend Nell. We had coffee and cakes, chatted about life, love and all that.

After a long, hot and annoying trainride i arrived around 6.30 pm. Saw my mr D standing in the crowd at the station and i swear i could feel my heart skip a beat. I think i’m in love… ❤
He rode me home on the back of his Dutch grannybike with my trolley behind it like a tiny trailer. Couple bike-riding is the best, happens all the time in the Netherlands, but seems to be sort of illegal in Germany. Well, we’re Dutch, we can’t help it.

It was 5 amazing days of cappuccino’s, eating out, picnics in the park, sunshine and RoMaNcE.

On Sunday we celebrated the Lord being alive, sang songs and listened to the cermon in German at Berlin Project Church. What a wonderful thing has Jesus done! Er ist warhaftig auferstanden!

This was by far the best Easter i’ve ever had! I hope yours was good too! What did you do for Easter?



One thought on “Time of my life: Berlin Ostern

  1. Hurray for showing the Berliners how couple bikeriding works! They need to loosen up about that and instead put some energy into driving fewer cars.

    Also, you look ridiculously beautiful in that last photo!

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