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About Berlin again

Irony wants that mr. D moved to Berlin for 6 months, to work at the Dutch Embassy. Berlin! Of all places!!

Frequent readers will understand the irony of this. New readers could read some older post in the period between May and September 2010. To make a long story short: i wanted to move to Berlin, almost did, but then didn’t.

He’s been there for one month now, so we’ve got 1 down, 5 to go. I visited him last weekend and next week he’s coming to visit me. We’ll see each other a lot, which is good. Since i loooooove Berlin, it’s all not that bad. Although i must say, i like my dude more close to home.

One of the good things about Berlin and being there with the one i love is: Frühstück (breakfast). I absolutely LOVE a nice continental breakfast. Especially one shared with my Mr. D.


This tree is awesome. It’s a bookcrossing-tree in Prenzlauerberg, near Kollwitzplatz. Awe.some.

Chick in a teacup at Anna Blume

A couple more visits to Berlin are coming up soon. Also, Dave and i (and a couple more Dutchies) are gonna go to the states to see our friend Lisa the Knitter get married to her American B-man! Great stuff!

Travelling chick

Be back soon!



* with special thanks to the “sisterhood of the travelling chick”.


One thought on “About Berlin again

  1. German breakfasts are the best!!

    Can you believe that the B-Man and I are getting married in 8 weeks?? Oh man!

    Can’t wait to see you again in Berlin, especially as the weather gets nicer. I will be gone for Easter though – I’m going to Bonn.

    Oh, and i forgot to thank you for pumping up the air in my bike!!

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