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time of my life

Weekly highlight

I’ve had the time of my life lately. It’s about time I share it with you. So here we go.


This is our little sailboat, the Septime. It’s been in my family for about 25 years! My brothers have another (bigger) sailboat together and my parents aren’t sailing anymore. So that is why the Septime now passes to David and me. Yay! We found a harbor pretty close to where I live, so that’s great! Summer is going to be good. Sailing, nature, wind, water, sunset, wine… it’s gonna be so romantic!


Spend time with friends in my hometown and all time favorite city: Utrecht! I love it. Every time I see the Dom-tower I feel like I’m home again.

I love this city

And then the bikes! For all you bike-lovers: come to the Netherlands and do not skip the greatest bike-city there is!


Had coffee and saw this pretty poster. Just wanted to share.


Went to Utrecht’s famous fabric market (on Saturday mornings only) and bought LOTS! Things that must be sewn: curtains, dress(es), quilt…

Pretty knitters

Knitted with my friends. Lovely smile there Fiona! We chatted about fun stuff and dreams for the future. Good times.

Lisa the Knitter

The best part was that Lisa came over from Berlin and spend time with her Dutch friends!

Sewingmachine Janome

Got my sewing machine out of its box! Craftroom is still not finished, but I figured I usually do not need my dining table for eating anyway. So sew on it. Really missed this piece of loveliness. Yay!

That’s all for now.

I’ll be back soon-ish with more of My Life Today and a GIVEAWAY!

X Jo



5 thoughts on “time of my life

  1. For some reason I didn’t see this on my bloglovin, so I only read it today!

    Those are such great pictures — thanks again to you and David for helping to make my visit in Utrecht so much fun!!

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