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DIY: mini album

mini album diy

Here is my first do-it-yourself tutorial post! It’s an envelope album which you can use as a card holder, small photo album or anything else you can think of. I’m using mine as a goodbye gift for my intern at work.


  • envelope
  • papers in different colors/structures
  • pencil
  • knife
  • rule
  • cutting mat
  • ribbon
  • sticker of button
  • cards, photo’s, drawings etc.

You can use ready-made envelopes, but i think it’s way more fun to create your own!
You can use all sorts of (colored and/or structured) paper to create your envelopes. To do this, first take apart the original envelope and trace it on the paper of your choice.

Next: cut it out along the lines. You can use your new cut out envelope to draw the shape onto the other papers. Make as many as you like, but make sure you have an odd number. If you use too many envelopes the album will be too thick to close it in the end. I made 9 envelopes.

Fold the corners to the inside untill you have an envelope.

Glue the flap with the blunt corner onto the two side flaps.

Then glue the backs of the envelopes on the top flaps, making sure that all the envelope openings face the front.

Now fold the envelopes harmonica-wise and close it by folding the last flap over the first envelope.

Now you can put drawings, wishes, photo’s or whatever in your mini album.

You can use some ribbon to close the album and a button or sticker to hide the end of the ribbon.

All done now! I hope you’ll enjoy it and would love to see yours when it’s done!

XO ~Jo~


7 thoughts on “DIY: mini album

  1. Very cute idea! I have a niece that is moving to Chicgo, can’t wait to make her an album! Thanks for sharing sure a great project!

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