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Must create

Inspirational times lie ahead!

Have been waiting for this class for a long time! And can’t wait to join it! Check out full details on the website.

Also I will be doing some design work that’ll challenge me to bring my skills to the next level. And to make that even more fun: I will be doing this for a very good friend! Yay!

From March 11 (my b-day) I will start with 365 daily creative projects. Inspired by Noah Scalin.  I hope to share these projects with you throughout my 30th life year.

Another thing that I’ll do, is post a 30 things before 31 list. I’ll think of 30 things that I would like to do, achieve, get, learn or whatever, and then make it happen! One of the things is the 365 project. The something before something list is done by a lot of bloggers from all over the globe. It’s inspirational and gives some sort of personal direction through the year. Looking forward to it!

Meanwhile I’m getting really tired with living in this messy apartment. I haven’t had the proper time yet to tidy it up. Boxes are still piled up in Every. Room. That. I. Have!
Tomorrow things MUST get done. Thank heaven for my sweet mom, who will come over to help me out.
I need my craftroom to be finished. Crafting and being creative makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. I need that in order to be able to focus on my day-job and enjoy that… Do not want to go through another week with my crafting stuff in boxes.

I hope to get back here soon with more posts, Time Of My Life and Just My Style Wednesday.



2 thoughts on “Must create

  1. sounds like a great future for you! i love being inspired! have fun working on that design for your friend! that is always the best way to sharpen your skills and improve!


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