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Time of my life ~ 2010 recap

Recap 2010

The year 2010 is over. Gone, it will never come back. What a year this was… so much has happened!



Tigrou got sick. It was scary for a while, but after a pile of expensive medicine and diet food, He got all better.




I went to Berlin with Petra and had a great time hanging out with her and Lisa and got really psyched about Berlin.

Berlin fleamarket




I celebrated my 29th birthday, got an espresso machine and practiced my home-coffee-skills

homemade coffee



I met this dude and we became good friends.

first date

Also, Lisa and Brent visited in April. We spoke about Berlin and dreams and had great fun. Here are Lisa and the B-man having fun. Yes they do have fun. Serious fun.



The Berlin dream got bigger and I started to realise it. Took German classes and planned a trip.
I hanged out with friends and had fun with stuff I got on a fabric market.




I went to Berlin and LOVED it. I made more concrete plans to move there.

Lisa & Jo



I moved from my apartment in the city to the apartment of my friend Maaike. I planned to stay there till October, when I planned to move to Berlin.
Dave helped me moving and I realized that this whole “we’re just friends” thing wasn’t really easy on me. Worked hard to ignore my feelings. ~Am NOT in love with dude. Must move to Berlin.~

mr. D



Went to Wales in the UK. It’s really pretty over there.

Knitted socks for the man I am NOT in love with.



Couldn’t deny any longer: I have feelings for my best friend. Had to tell him. Got scared, chickened out, tried it again and finally did it. Told the dude: I think I kinda have sort of other feelings for you in a way then just this thing ehm… friendship I mean… like… you see? Well the thing is, that what I guess I’m trying to say is that maybe I’m actually in lo… lo… love with ehm… you? …I need to go to the bathroom now… bye!
But then, pretty soon, dude realised he felt the same. So David and I became a couple instead of just friends! Yay!




I decided to not go through with Berlin just now. The thing with my new dude got me to the point where I thought: why exactly do I want to go? Thinking about this made me realise that I actually was trying to walk away from my life as it was. I was having a bit of a hard time at my job and I was done with Dutch men as I knew them (but that problem all of a sudden solved itself). I yearned for an adventure. But would Berlin really bring what I was looking for? Would working in a coffee bar really make me happy? Would that all be worth it to leave my dude behind and have a long distance relationship? I answered ‘No’ to a lot of questions. So I stayed.



Found an apartment with this view:

Sunset polaroid



Started two features on My Life Today and did some restyling in order to start bringing my blog to the next level.

Just my style

We moved my stuff to my new apartment and left it messy. It’s still messy. But at least it’s my own apartment. I will make it a home very soon.

Dave and I went on a winter vacation with his family and I snowboarded for the first time of my life. Best thing of the whole week: we love each other. Best time EVER.



I thank God for all the blessings He gave me in 2010. So many prayers that have been answered. He is truly awesome!

It’s 2011 already. What will this year bring? Where will I be a year from now? Only God knows. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

New years resolutions:

  • Invest in a loving, fun, healthy, lasting relationship
  • Start buying less new stuff, save money, recycle
  • Make my apartment a home
  • Quality blogging
  • Develop my personal style further in handmade stuff
  • Open a store on Etsy
  • … a lot of other good things

Enjoy 2011 lovelies!




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