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Time of my life ~ weekly highlight

Weekly highlight

Last week I went on a skiing trip with mr. D and his family. We
drove from the NL to Austria in one and a half day and had an
overnight stop in Ulm, Germany, where I took pictures of us.


Our chalet was located in Kappl, which is the sleepiest little town I’ve seen in like EVER! Shops are closed more often than they’re open. Which is in a way logic, b/c what should one do in town when there are mountains to slide off?


I decided, that since it was about ten years ago that I had skied and I probably had to learn all over again, I could just as well try something new: snowboarding! Yay! Snowboarders got moxie, it could be just my style! ~must learn how to snowboard really really well~
Marina, Mr. D’s sister-in-law also decided to try out.

speed is you friend

I decided that snowboarding indeed is my style, although I’m not sure my hindquarters agree on that… In order to learn to stand up straight, glide down smoothly and do some curves while we were at it, we took a couple classes from this dude.


We made jokes about how cool Wolfgang was, and in fact he is cool, but of course I’d choose my private teacher over Wolfie anytime. The most handsome man of the entire mountain. đŸ™‚

Snowboarding isn’t all about style, but it does add to the feel of it.

Davy with his Koolhaas hat, knitted by yours truly.

I absolutely had the time of my life! Snowboarding is awesome, Dave’s family the best and I love my boyfriend supermuch. What a great Christmas this was. I hope yours was good as well.

J <3 D

To all: have a great end of this and
beginning of the next year! Happy New year! Love ~Jo~


2 thoughts on “Time of my life ~ weekly highlight

  1. OMG, I laughed so loud at Wolfgang!!

    that looks like a great trip. TOo bad Mr. Anderson and I are total sissies and need to have our adventures close to the ground.

  2. Fantastic blog! I genuinely love how it is easy on my eyes as well as the facts are well written. Shopping is fun always especially when your shopping for your loved ones.

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