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Just my style wednesday

Just my style

It’s another ‘just my style wednesday’, only it’s Thursday…

Let’s take a look at flowers today.
Flowers make me happy. Love having them around in every shape imaginable. Like this patterned skirt!

flowers are fun

Or this pattern, which is on my umbrella. Sometimes i wish it would rain a little, just so i could walk around with this one.

pretty cute

These flowers remind me of ms Elisabeth Bennet and mr Darcy. I’m so glad I found me a mr Darcy myself. ❤


Decorated cupcakes are my favorite!

eat me

Flowers on bikes are awesome, like these on Lisa’s bike Petronella. Petronella took me from Kreuzberg to Prenzl. in less than 30 minutes. Petronella will allways be one of my best Berlin memories.


Flowers on a milkmaid stool.


Flowers on shoes

girly man shoes

Flowers on my skirt


I love flowers. They’re just my style.

Next week I’ll be skiing in Austria. Not sure whether I’m able to blog there or not. So until next time, whenever that may be.

XO ~Jo~


One thought on “Just my style wednesday

  1. Hurray for Petronella!! I adore this bicycle.

    Also, I bought that same umbrella at Hema when the Beard and I were in Utrecht, but it broke …which is a good reason to come back sometime.

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