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Home improvement 1.0

I moved into my apartment!!!!!!
Saturday friends and family helped to get my stuff from the storage to my apartment. And they worked hard b/c I have a lot of things…
It is now an unbelievable mess and I have to climb over boxes full of unidentified stuff to get from one room to the other. BUT the joy of opening up the boxes and finding familiar precious thing like my sewing machine, yarn, shoes and books totally makes up for it!

What a mess

And check out these wonderful people putting my bed together. It’s like they’re doing a dance, look at those excellent synchronized moves! 🙂

I <3 my bed

A lot has still got to be done before my home is completely finished, but for now I’m very pleased! I thank the people who made an effort in taking off wallpaper, painting, laying floors, moving boxes and furniture, cleaning and everything else.

Have a good week everyone!



3 thoughts on “Home improvement 1.0

  1. Yeah baby!! Very nice! When did your bedroom get a floor? Amazingly fast! I liked painting your walls and ceiling despite the pain in my arms the next day 😉 Enjoy unpacking your boxes and getting organised. I hope to see it all soon!
    Love Esther

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