Time of my life

Time of my life ~ weekly highlight

Weekly highlight

Here’s another weekly feature, like I promised earlier this week.
This feature will show you some of the good stuff in my life. It’s about the big and little things that make me happy and enjoy every day. I hope it’ll make you smile and inspire you to live your life with attention for the good stuff.

The past week was really enjoyable even though I am actually down with the flu. I have slept a lot and went to the doctor’s and to the hospital to get my blood examined, because I’m sooo tired and my throat-ache won’t leave me alone.
On the way back from the hospital I comforted myself by sitting down in this awesome lunchroom “Zusjes” (Sisters), with my friend Maaike, where we had some nice treats.

High tea

We had an English high tea with scones and cakes… And this place has an incredibly cute way of presenting their loose tea leaves. You can put a little tea in a paper bag with a tiny scoop. It’s so sweet and fun! And loose tea leaves are just really pretty in my opinion. 🙂

I <3 tea

And don’t you just love the way that tea swirls around in your cup when you put the bag in the water? I do.

Pretty tea


Another highlight this week is the white world I see when looking out of my window or walk out my door. It’s absolutely stunning!

Winter Wonderland

I can’t believe this is less than 300 ft away from my apartment! It’s magic!

Ice and snow

I really love nature and seasons. Everyday I am amazed and moved by its beauty. There’s a painting waiting to be seen everyday and it costs absolutely nothing. None of the greatest artists can top that!

Sunset polaroid


My man friend came over twice this week. That in itself is already a highlight, b/c normally we only see each other during weekends. I got a new retro camera app and shot this picture of my all time favorite dude.

I <3 my dude

O and last sunday we exchanged love letters… that was so cute and romantic! handwritten love letters are awesome by the way and so much fun to write! I recommend it to you all! I fancied mine up with scrap-collages and little drawings. Fun fun fun.


In the meantime my apartment is starting to get there. My walls are all painted white, I like it to be clean b/c I love to decorate with a lot of colour. Boyfriend is doing my floors and I love that! This weekend I’m planning to move my stuff in there with help from friends and family. I think it’ll soon be my home rather than just my apartment. I promise to keep you updated and I hope to show you cool pictures soon. For now: have the time of you life, pay attention, it’s fun*beautiful*good out there!

What are your latest highlights?


~ Jo ~


3 thoughts on “Time of my life ~ weekly highlight

  1. all the photos are lovely!
    I’m a great fan of tea and shame on me! – i don’t know what high tea is. What is the difference? I’d love to know 🙂

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Lily, thanks for your sweet comment! Ok high tea is really great, especially if you’re a fan of tea! Think of it as Tea+ 😉 It is an English big Thing to have tea with sandwiches, scones (something like a not very sweet cake) with cream and jam and different kind of cakes. Usually they have it in the afternoon between 2 and 5 or something. It’s called high tea or afternoon tea. You could probably find recipes and organize a girls afternoon tea! 🙂

      Have a great weekend too!! XO Jo

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