New feature: just my style wednesday

Just my style

It is Wednesday December 8th: time to launch a new feature on My Life Today. Welcome to ‘just my style wednesday’!
Another weekly feature is coming up later this week.

In ‘just my style wednesday’ I’ll be sharing some things that are just my style. It could be shoes, clothes or home related stuff and who knows what I might come across in daily life that has ‘just my style’ all over it.

Well, today’s kickoff: BOOTS! I absolutely HEART boots.

Vintage Berlin Boots

O my vintage Berlin Boots. I found these sweet white thrifties on a fleamarket in Berlin and they will allways remind me of the great German capital, wonderful friendships, moxie, Kaffee und Kuchen and just fun fun fun. With pain in my heart I must say that they’re over, finito, gone. I’ve worn them till there was nothing left but memories. O nostalgia.

I bought these Moxie Girl Boots to make up for the loss. Love them too, but there’s no story to them yet. I wonder what memories will be made.

Moxie girl boots

Do you have clothes or other things with memories to them too? Please comment and tell me about it!


~ Jo ~


2 thoughts on “New feature: just my style wednesday

  1. I have this one sweater that my grandma knitted for me when I was about twelve years old. I wore it on sailingcamps and it kept me warm through the cold evenings. Best memories are shared with this sweater. Great idea about your weekly

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