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Pair a month: October & November

It’s been busy around here. I guess it is now time to share some stuff with ya’ll.

1. I’ve decided to not go through with Berlin just now and to keep working as an art therapist. To make a long story short, leaving now would mean walking away from learning possibilities and chances I do not want to miss out on at this time of my life.

2. I’ve got an apartment! It’s in the same row as my friends apartment, where I’ve been staying the last couple of months. So next to collegues, friends and roommates, we will soon become neighbours! This is so much fun!
The apartment itself is a real fixer-upper, but I’m working on that with help from close friends and family. About the sight: It is near to a pretty piece of Dutch nature, the view is awesome and it gives me peace of mind. Priceless. Check it out: (photos taken from my friends house)

3. No finished socks in October. No in November either I’m afraid. (Dang! Sock resolution failure!) I’ve been doing other creative stuff though:
– Design/hand draw a wedding invitation for friends of mine
– Make an instant harmonica book with scraps and a cute short story for my moms b-day

– Knit a Koolhaas hat for a very special someone*
– Make collages as inspirationboards for my apartment
– Work in progress knitting

4. So let’s get to the pair of the month part of this post. It’s not socks, it’s *David & me! We’ve met in April and have been pretty close friends ever since. I’ve basically been secretely in love with him the whole time… During my vacation I realised I couldn’t deny it any longer and had to tell him. Gosh that was scary! But, all turned out just FINE and we’ve been a cute pair since September 18. I’m honestly totally crazy about this man and I believe it’s the other way around as well. Yay! ❤


4 thoughts on “Pair a month: October & November

  1. Ohhh, life’s good!
    I want to meet you and you’re boyfriend real soon to hear all you’re nice stories 🙂

    Wanneer kan je???

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