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My BEST finds

Reading a blog post by Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest on lovely finds that make you jump up and down and squeal of excitement (in my version there’s usually some fast hand clapping involved as well), I decided I should post something about a couple of lovely finds I did.

So here we go. Let’s start with shoes. I love shoes. Love them in all kinds of shapes and colours. For example:

Berlin Boots

These are my secondhand Berlin Boots. Found them at the flea market am Mauerpark in Berlin in February 2010. I love it that there’s always some story to a good find. I remember looking for these boots everywhere, not knowing what they looked like. It was like love at first sight, where I only just then realised that this was the pair I wanted. Thanks to my dear friend Petra, I got them for a nice bargain. 🙂

The lady men-shoes

There’s not much of a story here. Just that I LOVE these shoes! Bought them in a normal shoe store, but I guess they’re a little ‘weird’ to a lot of Dutch… which results in me being about the only person who’s got the shoes, which I really like a lot.


My favorite sneakers by Goliath, a cute Dutch brand.

New blue vintage shoes

I got these new in my favorite shoe store, where I got a couple more shoes on SALE this last year… I love it that vintage style is hip! Also, I have never seen anybody wear them either, so that makes my feet kind of unique again. Love love LOVE that!

De Rode Schoentjes

Got these in te same shoe store as the pair above. I call them my “Rode Schoentjes” (Red Shoes), after a pair of red dancing shoes from a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.


SALE at my favorite shoe store!
Hello, I’m Jo and I’m addicted to shoes.

Other than shoes I love these finds and gets:
Crucifix from Pisa

Found this one during my vacation in 2009 in Italy. Had been looking everywhere in Tuscany for a beautiful but plain-ish crucifix, but did not succeed. Until we came to our last stop in Pisa before getting our butts on the plane, back to the NL. In Pisa my friend Esther finally succeeded in finding a dress for her cousins wedding too. So apparently Pisa is the place to be for last-minute finds.


My neighbours gave me this rosary as a goodbye present when I left my apartment. I like the pretty blue beads.


I love it that in the UK, churches have these cool looking posters outside their doors. They’re not right in your face, but just there to look at if you feel like it.

The Chronicles box

O, this box with the seven books of Narnia! This must have been one of the greatest finds! Found it at an Antique shop in Fishguard, Wales. It used to cost 90 pounds, but now it was 30 and its in perfect state. SO happy with this one!

The best things I found in my life are not material, but relational. Check out my BEST f(r)i(e)nds (in random order):

So far for my best finds at the moment. I’d LOVE to find out what your best finds are!


~ Jo ~


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