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About stool…

My August pair of socks isn’t finished by far! The first one is almost done. Actually, the second used to be the first one and is nearly finished too, but when I got to the toe, it turned out that I had too little yarn… So I put it aside and knit the other one toe up. There’s only one thing I can do with the first: rip it out and do it right, toe up, that is… Dang!

Anyways, what I DID finish is this little cow-milking stool.

The painting of this stool was one of the activities at a bachelorette party. Other activities contained running around elephant-style in shitty farmland, crossing ditches in all kinds of ways (some succesful and dry, others not so much…), being covered in poo-like mud and duckweed, swimming through thick silt and more stuff like that. Ugh! I was not really looking forward to this part of our day. But it turned out that once I’m covered in faeces, I don’t give a crap how much shit I’m in…

BUT, let’s get back to the stool. The cow-milking stool I mean. Look at the cuteness of it! And also check out the ones my friends made! Everyone is so creative!

Oh, I wish I had a zillion of these little stools… I’d paint a whole bunch of them and sell them on Etsy. I feel like collecting a pile of old furniture and making every piece look really pretty and open up a store. This is actually what I’m hoping to do one day in Berlin, or Amsterdam. I think I will have such a happy life if I could paint, knit and sew cute things all day and make other people happy with it. And in the store there will be another area in which I’ll serve coffee and homemade cakes and sandwiches. O here’s my dream again…

It’s just got to be done! It WILL be done!

… Ok, where to start from here?…



One thought on “About stool…

  1. I love:
    (1) that your full name is Johanna!
    (2) those Dutch milk maid stools!!! oh my gosh!
    (3) knitting socks! never thought I’d say it, but I am working on those kalajoki socks right now and totally loving them. Maybe the difference is that I finally got nice sock yarn.

    Not a fan of:
    (1) being covered in feces. …This makes me kind of glad I was never part of a bachelorette thing in NL. 😉

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