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Pair a month: July-August

How I love wearing handknit socks! They are warm and look really cute (well, they can). Usually I don’t knit a lot of them though. You could say I’m addicted to knitting cardigans. BUT, there’s going to be some changes in my life. Some major, some minor. One minor change is that I’m going to knit one pair of socks per month. If it works out as I intend to, this should result in 12 pairs per year! These small projects should even leave enough time to knit my cardigans and do other crafty stuff!
So here are my first monthly socks:

River Gavenny

 The River Gavennies (pattern: Kalajoki) were made in Wales, during my vacation. The River Gavenny runs through Abergavenny in Monmouthshire. I started the socks in July and finished them in the first week of August. 


Thanksalot (pattern: Charade) will be the pair for August and will be giftwrapped for a friend.

Well, I’ve got some knitting to do…
Cheers ~Jo~ 


3 thoughts on “Pair a month: July-August

  1. OMG, I love love love that pattern! I have the same problem as you, yet a bit different. I am addicted to knitting socks, but don’t have very many hand knit. Why? Because everybody always wants me to make them for them! I need to knit more for myself!

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