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Toes in the water

I’m having cold feet. In the middle of friggin summer. And summer it is, friends. These cold feet of mine don’t have anything to do with the current temperature. I wish, couse than I could just wear some warm socks and be done with ’em…

Summer just began, but fall is closing in faster than I expected. Decisions have to be made, steps have got to be taken. Man, it’s so hard to move away from familiar things and step into the Land of Unknown. Nothing to be sure of, to hold on to. No security. No way to ever know what will happen and whether things will work out. This makes planning things rather impossible.

And next to the practical stuff, there’s the emotional. While joy and friendships make life wonderful, they make saying goodbye a lot more difficult… Why can’t ‘my people’ just come with me?

Tough shit.


2 thoughts on “Toes in the water

  1. Oh man, I totally hear you! Even when I had a job and apartment all lined up, I STILL got cold feet. You can do it! It will happen!!

  2. don’t be afraid! Even though moving country will come with less fantastic things – having less IRL communication with your friends etc. -, they will not kill you. It’s bearable. And if not, you’ve tried it, and you can of course always move back again.

    I’m sure, in half a year or so, homesickness will be reduced to nostalgia (this is my experience). New, exciting things and knowing that you’ve done something with your dreams and longings in stead of just staying put, will take over and make for a new life!

    (sorry it this is a bit too much, I just came out of an Alice Walker book).

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