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Der Himmel über Berlin – ll: Exposure Therapy

A week has past, I’m still in Berlin. The whole week I have been racing through the city with Petronella, Lisa’s Dutch grannybike. This bike took me everywhere.

Went on a religious trip, to the Matthäuskirche near Potsdamerplatz. I listened to organmusic and a lecture here, which made me feel I was not alone, but that God was, is and will be with me.

After lunch I laid down on the grass of Tiergarten park. What an oasis of nature and rest it is in the middle of this vibrant metropolitan. I read Floyd McClungs book on being a simple church. Truly inspiring and I’m really hoping that in Berlin I will get the opportunity to start or become part of a simple community where the example Christ set can be followed. Living like the apostles did in Acts.

In the afternoon I went to the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche in Charlottenburg area, which I decided really fast, is not my favorite part of Berlin (the area, not the church). This church has been destroyed for the most part during WW2. Part of the old tower still stands and a new tower and church have been build next to it. It felt more like a big tourist thing to me than a church, but it was good to be there nonetheless.

Took Petronella to Kreuzberg. Bought yarn, drove around, had kaffee und kuchen, took photo’s, got lost somewhere between Kreuz- and Schöneberg, went to the mall at Alexanderplatz, got frustrated by consumerism, drove back to Kreuzberg, had more coffee, sat on a bench on Oranienplatz knitting and waiting for Lisa (who I had rendez vous with) had dinner at a Turkish falafelplace, went to a cafe to knit up with the Berliner Stitch ‘n Bitch and met this cool person who reminded us of a Dutch knittingfriend and who also turns out to be a complete LOTR-nerd like us. We had great fun.
Last but not least I biked back all the way up to Prenzlauerberg in 30 minutes. I beat Lisa, who took the U-bahn. I’m a Utrecht biker, let loose in the wilderness of the German capital. I’ll bike my way through! Can’t wait for Lance to get here (my ‘Trek’ trekkingfiets).

Days of biking, looking and finding my way around in the city brought me to the point where I was almost too tired to get out of the apartment. I didn’t leave the house before the afternoon but felt like I had to, after all, I can’t go out in Berlin when I’m back in good ol’ and boring Dordrecht, now can I? So when I finally managed to get my butt of the couch I biked down Kastanienallee, had cold cucumbersoup for lunch and read some more Floyd.
Got to a yarnstore, Handmade, which I found on Ravelry and bought friggin cool iceblue cotton Habu yarn!! Yay!!
After that I rewarded myself with a treat to Sachertorte and green jasmintea at my new favorite hangout: Anna Blume.
In the evening we watched The Chronicles of Narnia with Lisa’s Sofagruppe from Berlinproject church.

Tired, couchpotato, 2 1/2 men synchronised to German, knitting, out to Friedrichshain, vintage seccondhandstores, tired, back to apartment, cold beer, Lord of the Rings, tired, sleeping.

Lisa’s weekend! Slept a little longer and then made coffee while Lisa went out to get fresh Brötchen. Had a slow and nice breakfast, chatted about male and female brains, Leanne Payne and Jesus the C.
Went out with warmer clothes, because after a week of hot as f weather, Berlin decided it was done with summer so turned on the shower and windmachine.
We biked through Prenzlauerberg with Petronella and Dirty Dörte (borrowed bike from Lisa’s friend), where I showed Lisa around, since I know my way around there… We went to two yarn stores, had kaffee und kuchen, walked around the market, had beers and ate dinner at Kreuzburger. Oh! And I got this awesome frühstucksbrettchen, a plate on which the GERMANS have their breakfast and a button with my all time favorite Berliner building: the Fernsehturm!!!

So, this whole week has been one big session of exposure therapy. I had to confront my fears to overcome them. Where I was almost too afraid to go in stores at first or pass a terras with groups of hip Berliners sitting around, I now mingle. As the week progressed, so did my confidence. I love this city, I feel like I could feel at home here. This doesn’t mean I’m not scared anymore. I still hardly know any German, I have no job and I have no apartment and in order to get either of those, I basically need the other… So… that’s kind of complicated. But hey, these kind of things have turned out fine in the past. I should probably just have faith, take risks and make little babysteps towards this great adventure. It’s gotta be done!


4 thoughts on “Der Himmel über Berlin – ll: Exposure Therapy

  1. Your Blog is officially my favorite! I found it through ravelry (via Berlin knitters group) And LOVE IT ! It seems you are not LIVING in Berlin, but traveling for the sake of moving ? I am living in Berlin and love it ! I would LOVE to go on a yarn excursion sometime or a knitting session in a lovely coffee shop if and when you are interested some time !

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