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Der Himmel über Berlin – l

Resting at Lisa’s appartment, legs up, feeling tired from a day of biking up and down Prenzlauerberg.
I arrived in Berlin on Friday. Lisa came pick me up at Hauptbahnhof and we took the U- and S-bahn to her place. Got bitched at by a British lady who felt the urge to point out to us that our British accent needs work. So glad we cleared that up.

On Saturday we went to Lisa’s all time favorite store on Schönhauser Allee, the Oxfam charity store. There we got bitched at by a volunteer shop lady. She probably thought we had to much fun and felt the urge to point out to us that the store wasn’t a student dorm. So glad we cleared that up.

We took the greatest ride along a part of the Berliner Mauerweg. It takes you on a nice history trip through Berlin. The actual Mauerweg is about 160 km.

We past a Mauer memorial.

Shot pictures at the Reichstag

And the Brandenburger Tor, Holocaust Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie

Had dinner & beers at a Turkish place in Kreuzberg. And after that biked home to end the day with wine and knitting.

We celebrated Sunday at the Flomarkt am Mauerpark and the Flomarkt am Boxhagenerplatz.
On our biking trip we got bitched at by other bikers and cardrivers, who felt the urge to teach us not to ride next to each other. So glad we cleared that up.
Sundayevening was LOTR-knit-night.

And now it is Monday. Lisa had to work today. I, on the other hand, had not. Had a lazy morning before I took Lisa’s opoefiets out on yet another tour through the city. Went to Misses & Marbles near Helmholtzplatz and had a great Milchkaffee.

Biked around, did grocerieshopping, had an Indian Chai, baught new sandals at a shop owned by a very nice lady, spoke a little GERMAN and cooked Lisa dinner.

Tomorrow is another day in the city. The weather is nice and I love being here. The dream ia great, though reality kicks in now. I am torn between excitement and fear. I do not know the language very well and am pretty much to scared to really try. I’m doing it though… Must have some moxie to persue dreams.
Maybe I’ll do a relegious-Berlin-trip tomorrow. See some churches, take time to communicate with God. It’s gotta be done!

Bis später!


3 thoughts on “Der Himmel über Berlin – l

  1. Heeej!!
    Ik heb je blog via via op internet gevonden, super leuk om te lezen!
    Ik ben een groot fan van berlijn en ben van plan a.s. september naar berlijn te verhuizen.
    Wat doe jij precies in Berlijn?? En hoe gaat het met je duits??
    Groetjes Karlijn

  2. Hi Joke,

    Soooo nice to read your story about Berlin! Super that biketour through Berlin, like to do that with you when you are settled over there!Looooove the picture of you and Lisa with glasses. Hilarious! (and beautiful, off course) Don’t mind the grumpy Berlinners, when the temprature’s rising people have difficulties pooping (according to my Senegale’s ex-husband, that’s the reason why white folks are grumpy and impatient sometimes…..)
    Ooh how I would like to meet you girls there 600 km east from Utrecht! And how I enjoy reading both of your blogs!!!!! Keep on doing it, it makes life better!

    And Joke, go for it. You are a talented crazyly nice girl. Use your best German and try out your dreams and stuff. (I forever regret that I did not hunt after and tried-out my dreams and deep wishes!)

    Give Lisa a big hug and enjoy your time together. Joke I really hope this week brings you what you expected and hoped for.

    Bless, Petra.

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