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Ascension weekend

What a wonderfull weekend this was! Filled with friends, fun, talking about dreams, food and just overall greatness.
Wednesday dinner with a new friend.
Ascension-day hanging out, vacationplanning, knitting and movie watching with an older friend.

Friday chatting and marketshopping with an ‘i only see you once a year, but feel like it was yesterday that we last saw each other’ friend. Great to catch up with you Dorien!!!
Friday evening bar-night with David, my new friend. Live music jamsessions and teenagers playing cello, awesome!! (by the way, this bar/cafe/restaurant totally inspired me!! There was art on the walls, music, opportunities for people to develop and show their talents and the owners were so nice! Felt like we ran in on a very cozy and warm family party!!)
After this cool bar we went to a jazz cafe stacked with old people reliving their twenties… We felt old-ish… 😉

Saturdaymorning breakfast… Yummie!

Afternoon high-tea with my oldest friends! Great to see the girls again! One is getting married, one is buying a house, one just moved, got her cop-licence and has joy in being a mom and the last just baught a garden-set and a crazy expensive lamp!!! Man, how their lives are different from mine… They all live more or less in the same area. I’ve always been the restless one of our group i guess. I have never stayed in one place for a long time and right now i am also pressing forward into change. That’s who i am and i enjoy that. So i think we’re all happy with how things are.

Saturdaynight dinner and drinks with my BFF Esther!! She’s just great. I’m really glad she’s my friend!

A red line through this weekend was the Berlin dream. Talking with friends and exchanging emails with Lisa got the excitement even bigger. Reading my book (‘God has no part in my life… He’s the director’) and seeing how things and people are sort of coming together in this, makes me believe this is not just my ‘i want this for me, cuz i wants it!’- dream, but it is Gods dream! More and more i have the feeling that He’s got plans in Berlin and i am going to be blessed in being part of it! Great stuff!!

Sunday hanging out at my own place, enjoying being alone with the kitteh, reading the book, drink coffee, bake bread, knit, listen to music, enjoying life and memories of a great weekend. Let’s not think about Monday just yet…


2 thoughts on “Ascension weekend

  1. Dreaming the dream…living the dream…. Looks like you’re heading forward quite well! Enjoy the process! Have patience. God is the director.

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