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My brain is preoccupated by Berlin thoughts. It’s hard to think of anything else these days. I want things to move faster, which is due to my impatient and sometimes impulsive character i guess. It is probably for the best that it’s moving slower than i want it to. It gives me the opportunity to really take time and think and pray. What moving slow is to me, could be moving fast to someone else though… (man, why am i allways in such a hurry?)

I am actually moving in step 2 and 4 of my ‘seven step programme’ right now.
2: I’ve got contact with a connection of Lisa’s. This guy is going to do more or less exactly what i want to do in Berlin. Not completely sure yet what his exact plans are, but it involves coffee, community, art, Jesus, people and last but not least BERLIN!! I really hope there is some way i can be part of this plan.
4: My old boss at Simon Lévelt coffee and tea is writing me a reference on my barista skills, which is handy.

Step 3 has not yet been taken. The plan is to have a little retrait for a couple of days. It’s gotta be realised sometime soon.
I’m planning to take a trip to Berlin in june, july or august to check things out over there.
Meanwhile i’m taking German! A week from this thursday will be my second lesson. Until then, i try to watch German tv and read German books.

So far for now.


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