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Inspired to act on the dream

This weekend was absolutely awesome! In the Netherlands April 30 is a national holliday, Queensday. Which is the celebration of our queens b-day. For a lot of Dutch people this is the best excuse to get totally wasted and act like lunatics. There are bands, beer and fleamarkets in the city and everybody is happy. Which is cool as long as nobody almost pukes onto your bike… (yeah, really)
My plan for this year was to take it easy and enjoy the weather during a parkpicnic. Too bad it was raining, a lot. But I had a great time nonetheless. Lisa and American Brent came over from Berlin and we met for beers at a bar.
After that we went to Andrea’s, met with our other friends (we were an international group with 6 Dutchies, 2 Aussies, 2 GERMANS ;-), 1 Danish and 1 American), had dinner and then… Feuerzangenbowle!!! This is a German bowl with wine, rum, orangejuice, spices and caramelised sugar… Set on fire! It’s wicked really. We had so much fun. Was great to see my friends again!

The next day we met at the Utrecht fabricmarket in the pouring rain. I baught a pile of fabrics and some ribbons and such. I am absolutely inspired to sew some cute dresses and a jacket.
Now i have a free sunday to spend behind my buzzing sewingmachine with Yann Tiersens music in the background. Tomorrow normal life will start again.
This whole weekend for me was step one in the dreampersuing proces. Talking to my friends made me realise i really want to do it. Time to move to step two of my seven-step programme…
More to come on this subject. For now: just look at the pictures of my amazing weekend! 🙂


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