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The Precious

With my background as a graphics designer I’ve been a ‘Mac person’ for a long time. The last couple of years I don’t actually use a Mac, but I still consider myself an Apple fanatic. So since a while I own an iPhone (next to my iPod Shuffle, which I use for running) and for the ones among you who don’t know this yet: iPhone rocks! One phone to rule them all. It’s my Precious and I crocheted it an iCoat.

One thing I love the most about my iPhone, is my ‘Hipstamatic‘ app. It’s the BEST photography app there is. Seeing and using it in Berlin at Lisa‘s got me all greedy for this app and made my urge for an iPhone even worse. Taking pictures never was this much fun before! I bet even my friend Saskia (who’s a photographer and kicks ass at analog photography) will LOVE this!


4 thoughts on “The Precious

  1. whoa, I love the hipstamatic shots AND the cozy!! this whole post was so inspiring.

    there’s another super fun app by the Hipstamatic people that I just discovered: SwankoLab . …i totally recommend!

    I also enjoy “FocaLab” and “Format 126”.

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