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My life two years ago

Can’t believe it is almost two years since I got my Bachelor in Art Therapy. In October I will most likely start with a Master’s program, which I am really looking forward to.

I am in the mood for uploading art photo’s and thought I’d share my graduation piece with you. The assignment was to pick a personal theme that was current at that time in our becoming good therapists and more reflective and self-conscious people… So I picked the theme “room for expression”. The piece I made is a cube that I divided in 7 themes (I know a cube has 6 sides, but 7 themes is way more fun!). Every part shows a feeling, thought or state of being I need to be able to have or (learn) to express in order to be myself. The paintings show happiness, anger, sadness, doubt, space, choice and independence. So here we go:

Along with the painted cube I wrote a poem. Tried to translate it to English. Actually kind of like it better now…

I look behind
From where do I come
Counting my footsteps
It’s been a long run

Moments of happiness
Some of bad luck
The past is past
On goes my path

A road to regard
Of all that I am
A bumpy street
Where to put my feet?

Trust that grows
I feel and I know
Try to remember
To give myself room

Room for happy
for anger and pain
Room to just be
Myself again

Breathing, dancing
Singing: be free!
Without limitations
Room just for me


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