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My brother gave me his old espresso machine as soon as he got a brand new bright and shining Quick Mill. Which is an AWESOME piece of coffee machinery, but that’s a different story.
This old machine he gave me is pretty awesome too. It’s orange and retro vintage looking and does the thing I want it to do quite well. And that is espresso making and milk steaming. Bought some cool barista tools to make the fun complete. Check it out:  

Every espresso machine takes some getting used to and the machine I am used to is this one by Rancilio @ my old job.

I think I’m truly in love with this one. It’s almost perfect and I know it as well as the back of my hand. We’ve made some good pure liquid gold, Rancilio and I…

My new buddy and I need some practice before we can rock the Latte Art again, but we make progress. At least my cup and saucer are cute as a button 😉

Now, would you like to have some coffee?


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