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Of Berlin, friends, Darcy and other stuff

I must say: I love Berlin! Petra and I spend a weekend there at Lisa’s casa in the last week of Februari. Great to be with the girls again and shop, style, craft, wine and dine, talk about boys and our all favorite Friend Jesus the Christ! We celebrated Lisa’s B-day by bringing gifts from Hollands best store: the HEMA and Lisa made us ‘herzlich willkommen in Berlin’ hairbands.


Fleamarkets are cool!

 And are stacked with hidden treasures.

Lisa and Petra with vintage treasures

 I decided that I need vintage hipster sunglasses, like these Lisa has. 

Petra and I thought of opening a secondhand-restyle-clothing store in Berlin where you can have coffee and organic kucken und brotchen, buy clothes, get style and coloradvise, do crafty workshops, buy yarn, buttons, ribbon and other cool stuff. Now this is just a dream, but who knows… it may be done in the future…


Since Berlin I’ve celebrated my 29th birthday, did my parents household while my mom was recovering from hip surgery and watched Pride and Prejudice with Nell and Herman. They brought me nice Austen-style flowers wich complement my Bingley tea cutlery.

So I’ve got the flowers and the cutlery, Mr. Darcy is most welcome to come over for tea.


Went to my friend Marjo’s church to celebrate Jesus rising from the death. To honor New Life I thought I’d best wear an Easter skirt  by King Louie with my Berlin boots.

Isn’t life just full of good stuff?! Thank God!

Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the LORD.


3 thoughts on “Of Berlin, friends, Darcy and other stuff

  1. Hoi, ik kwam zomaar je blog tegen en ben blij verrast! Zo leukl
    En dat kopje koffie? Een plaatje!
    Geniet van het leven!

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