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Some things good

I finished mrs. Darcy!!!! Sorry for the crappy phone picture, it’s kinda blurry and close up, but you get the idea i guess. Here she is:

I made  new craftingfriends in my church’ small group. We started out last Thursday with three women and we’re hoping for more crafty people in the near future. It is great to chat about crafts and the great J. Christ while knitting and drinking tea! It reminds me of this prayer I said about a year ago.

My second performance as a tv-therapist is a fact and was broadcast last week.

A week from now i will be in Berlin! My friend Petra and i will get on the train on Thursday. We’ll be visiting our friend LTK, who left the NL in August last year and who i’ve missed big time since then! It’s gonna be a weekend of slumber partying, knitting, shopping, styling, dining, wining and two birthday celebrations!!! I am sooo looking forward to this!!!


One thought on “Some things good

  1. These are all wonderful things!

    That’s great that you got your Jesus friends to do a craft-up …maybe I can do the same at my new church.

    I am so excited to see you guys next weekend!!!!!

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