How do you do that?

Since I work as an art-therapist at De Hoop GGZ (The Hope Mental Health Care) a new door has opened for me. A Christian broadcast station found its way to me through someone-someone-someone at De Hoop and this resulted in me doing therapy sessions on national TV. One show broadcasted in December and the second one is on its way. It are short pieces in a larger programme (Hoe doe jij dat?/How do you do that?), so don’t expect to see my own ‘Dr. Jo-show’. 😉

The show is in Dutch, but if you don’t mind, check it out!!


2 thoughts on “How do you do that?

  1. Oh my gosh, Joke, that was so great!! You were super cool, too!

    And it TOTALLY warmed my heart to see Dutch TV and hear Dutch spoken. Am I crazy, or did they film some of those street scenes in Utrecht?

    Also, I really think that from now on, every time you see someone doing something new and interesting in knitting, you should sing, “Hoooooe do jiiiij dat?”

    • Hey Lisa,

      O haha, yeah! “Hoooooe do jiiiij dat?” Great!
      Most of the streetscenes were in Dordrecht, where I live now. The guy who gave the tip to see a ‘creatief therapeut’ stood in Utrecht though, on the oude gracht!!

      Was this the dutch tv you refered to on facebook? All nostalgic about the ‘trecht? Me too. Wish we could craft again every Saturday.

      C U soon in Berlin!

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