Something good

A couple of months ago I ran into this Indian guy in the city. He turned around and said: “Do you speak the English?” And I replied: “Yes, I do” with my tone sort of going up like in a question, because I was wondering what this guy would say to me. “You have really nice aura”, he said. And I was like: “Ow, okay” and thought: “Well, yeah! Of course I do, it is the light of Christ!!! What did you expect!?” And than Indian guy said something good would come to me in December. Which sort of made me curious and expecting, though I really do not have much trust in fortune tellers. But than I wished, “well, if he can see Christ in and around me, maybe he’s right!”

So December came and I went to London, which is something good already. I bought yarn in London, which is even better. I went home and the plane landed safely. So these thing are all good and they all came to me in December. But, I didn’t think this was quite it. But now, in the last couple of days of this year, something really good might actually have come to me. In fact it is still coming, so I’m not quite sure it will turn out as good as I think it can. I will keep you posted on the progress of this good thing.

Something good that comes in December every year is Christmas. How great it is to remember that Christ came to us and that He was, is and will be good every month of the year. Something great to hold on to every day. I wish He will come to you too this December.

Blessed Christmas and a fabulous Newyear everyone!!!


4 thoughts on “Something good

  1. Jij ook een fab new year and ik hoop dat het goede zijn potentie waarmaakt en héél GOED wordt! (heb een idee van wat het zou kunnen zijn, dus ik hoop echt voor jou).

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