Everyday life


Work avoiding behaviour makes me wander the internet for fun dorky stuff. Such as googling for Lord of the Rings name generators or quotes to complement the ones I know by heart… A couple of my favorite ones:

“Things that were…, things that are… and some things… that have not yet come to pass…”
“You stink of horse!”
“Ride out with me…, ride out and meet them”, “For death and glory?” “No, for Rohan!”
“It’s the Dwarfs that go swimming with little hairy women…”
“No man can kill me!”, “I am no man!!! Whaaaaaa!!!!!!”
“The filth of Saruman washes away”

Gosh… I need to get some sleep…

“Hurry, must leave now!!!” To play the art-therapist part again.
Only two more hours of work on the clock, after that I can knit and fall asleep satisfied.

Stupid post


5 thoughts on “Buhhb…….

  1. @Lisa: Great!
    @Jonna: It is exciting, but exhausting as well!! Sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything at all. Especially in the afternoon my energy drops to a level where coffee can’t reach it anymore…

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