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Life on a crossroad


For a while now I’ve been kind of church-less. In Utrecht I just couldn’t find the church I felt I belonged to. My old church in Houten moved from it’s building near the station to a building in the middle of nowhere… well sort of…, which made it harder to get to. That is, among other reasons, why I didn’t go there anymore.

Since I’ve moved to Dordrecht almost two months ago, I started looking for a new church. I visited one where a lot of my co-workers go to. Nice church, nice lecture, nice people, a lot of nice things. But it’s just not my place I guess. The longer I thought about it, the more I felt it’s not the church I should go to.

So yesterday I went to another church, Crossroads Rotterdam (XRR) to be exact. I visited this church regularly a couple of years ago when I lived in Rotterdam. Since I moved back to Utrecht, I didn’t go there anymore, but still missed it sometimes. And now, living in Dordrecht, which is close to Rotterdam, I decided I should just go and check it out again. It’s only a 15 minute train ride and a 10 minute walk, so what am I waiting for? (Distances are very small in the Netherlands. An hour of traveling to get to church is crazy…)
I felt pretty lonely during the service, thought nobody would see me, when I realised God did see me. He saw I was there! He knew that I was alone and nervous. He knew I was there to find my place, to find Him.
We celebrated the Lords Supper, which was awesome. The preacher-guy, who I know from conferences and stuff and which I thought wouldn’t remember me, recognised me and smiled. After church, during coffee, I spoke to some people I know and to some I don’t, but will. I felt great! Not just God saw me, but His children as well! Jeehaa! Is this God’s way to show me that I was at the right place? Did I find my church? Is this where I’m going (back) to and spend time with my brothers, sisters and Friend?


4 thoughts on “Life on a crossroad

  1. Yes!! This makes me so happy to read, first because I’m happy for you, but also because yesterday I sat alone in a church in Berlin feeling –of course– shy and scared, but at the same time feeling found by God, and excited to come back and get to know people there. YEAH, good stuff. I hope you’ve found your church!

    p.s. the pastor at the one I went to was super cute, too, ha.

  2. Ik had het altijd prima naar mijn zin in de Kruiskerk, maar hey, als jij je fijn voelt in R’dam, dan is het toch helemaal goed?
    God heeft zoveel verschillende kerken toegelaten, zodat iedereen een plekje kan vinden waar hij/zij zich thuisvoelt.

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